Sadhu board for begginers 10 mm, Board with nail for yoga, Yoga board, Meditation and Yoga Practice, Yoga Desk

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Exclusive Sadhu boards for standing on nails and yoga will get rid of health problems, strengthen the immune system, improve well-being and awaken your own inner energy.

Board Size:

30 * 15 *3.5 cm

The engraved Sadhu board for beginners or experienced users is completely handmade! Unique patterns and drawings are applied by laser engraving. And to extend the service life of the 10 mm Sadhu board, 3 layers of varnish and paint were used. The shades of the products in this case may be slightly lighter or darker than in the photo, due to the different batch of paints.

A wooden sadhu board with galvanized nails affects the nerve endings of the feet, strengthening the vital functions of the body. It is suitable for customers up to the 46th foot size.

An exclusive sadhu board, the benefits of which are confirmed by long-standing traditions and positive customer reviews— is a great gift, suitable for both women and men.

The advantage of our Sadhu boards is that, unlike other manufacturers, we do not use ordinary construction nails, but specially made to order from stainless metal alloy nails for yoga.

Nails have an anatomical basis, which reduces the risk of sharp painful contact.

Our boards are made of natural wood, processed by hand, as well as carefully engraved, covered with several layers of paint protecting them from external influences, which gives a concise and presentable appearance in the end.

The boards are held together by magnets, which allows them to be conveniently carried, taken with you in a bag without fear that they will open.

The kit also includes instructions, a pouch and a stand.

Boards up to 46 foot size.

The pitch between the nails is 10mm, with the same frequency and evenness of the nails.
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